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10 Social Media Post Tips for Your Easter Sunday Strategy

March 5, 2021
March 5, 2021

Easter Sunday Suggestions—Plan Your Social Media Strategy Now

Easter Sunday is historically a high attendance day for churches across America, according to WalletHub, a data analysis and collection site. Easter is coming soon and churches are already preparing their strategies for this year. Whatever your church decides, whether to meet in-person or virtually, it’s important to get your Easter plans on social media as soon as possible. Now’s the time to plan your social media messages about your church’s Easter events. Here are some Easter Sunday social media post ideas you can use as you plan for this year.

The Teaser Post

The Teaser post is a time-honored tradition in social media. The idea is to hook your audience and give them a hint of what’s to come. One way to keep your audience engaged is to give them different types of content. Keep content accurate, fresh, and relevant to them. When teasing a future event, use minimal information so people will check back frequently for more details. A good example can be a teaser post with just have a photo of a stone rolled away, or a “Save the Date” or simply say “Stay Tuned for Easter Plans”.

The Facebook Event or Registration Link

For in-person or online events create a trackable event either through Facebook or through a website registration form. Read our past blog post on Facebook events to get started with creating an event. For this event social media post you can share the event and any specific information on how, why or how to register.  

The Audience Post 

One way to engage your audience is show or tell them who the event is for. In the case of an Easter service, it’s fun to include an image or video of your congregation. You could also share who would best benefit from the event. For Easter, we know all people are welcome to learn more about the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Highlight things like special events for kids, student ministry, or small groups. Whatever you plan to do for Easter, include a post that highlights the target audience.

Throwback Thursday Post

People love a good TBT (throwback Thursday) post to highlight a previous fun event or tradition. These types of nostalgic posts tend to do well not only with those who already follow you but also with your followers’ followers. To expand your reach, tag as many people as you can to connect them to the post. Include photos and videos for maximum  effectiveness. You can even turn TBT into a TBE (Throwback to Easter). We know that’s not really a real thing, yet, but you get the idea. 

The Info Post

This won’t come as a surprise but telling your congregation and Sunday guests of the specifics of the event or service you plan to host will make for an engaging post. Include  times, places, virtual links, and how to sign up if registration or reservations are required. Highlight what makes this event or service different from any other. Include the features that help it to stand out. Will you be reading a special passage, including a new song, allowing a special message from a youth leader in the church or having the kids do something special like sing a song? There are many ways churches can make Easter Sunday special so let your followers know what that is for you and your upcoming Easter Sunday service.


Another type of post that you will want to add to your plan is a bit of repetition. Since not everyone goes online at the same time, or even every day, this means your audience will likely miss some posts. It’s good to balance new messaging with some reminders and reposts of important information so nothing gets missed. Use repetition carefully! Repeat posts on a limited basis. While not every post should be shared frequently, events or special messages will benefit from the occasional repost and repetition in messaging. Since people need to see information several times before it registers and everyone benefits from reminders, some carefully placed repeat posts can be an important part of your Easter social media plan throughout the month leading up to Easter. 

Tell a Story Post

Storytelling is very effective in social media. We know this because platforms have gone as far as promoting storytelling in their functionality with “stories” and video posts being a key functionality now in Instagram and Facebook. For churches that can mean testimonies. Testimonies are powerful and insightful ways to connect with followers. Redemption stories, repentance stories, and even stories about what the cross means to members and leaders willing to share will go a long way toward sharing the gospel, sharing who you are as a church, and sharing your upcoming special service. It’s an effective method way to use social media to share Jesus. Bring the storytelling of modern technology together with the gospel!

Biblical Truth Posts

With Easter in mind, use your social media platforms to highlight different aspects of the Easter season and celebrations like Lent and the Seder. Use bible verses to explain why you celebrate Easter. Emphasize the true meaning of Easter, and use your social media to point people back to Christ. There’s no better time than Easter to celebrate what it means to be a Christian. Use verses, Lent reminders, Seder reminders, Passover scriptures and more to highlight the beauty of Easter Sunday. 

The Kids Post

Many families look to Easter for ways to engage their children in the Gospel story. This is a huge opportunity for churches to use social media to engage families in their congregation and new families looking to introduce their children to church, biblical traditions, and Jesus Christ as Savior. Children’s activities for Easter Sunday can be highlighted in a post as parents look for ways to get their kids excited about the holiday. Let them know how children will benefit from attending an event or online special sermon. Perhaps a trivia game for kids could be included, or a special song or video would help families feel included in an online-only event. There are a lot of ways to include children in the celebration of Easter and you definitely want to highlight what those specifics are for your social media audience.

The Fun Post

Easter is a time to celebrate so posts in general can and should be done in a fun way. In the midst of all the other messages you put out this Easter season about services and events, be sure to bring some fun into it. Why not ask families to post their Easter Sunday attire? How about an Easter trivia game or Easter memes? Add some fun into the schedule.

Easter Sunday is the perfect opportunity to up your social media posting game and reach as many people as possible for the Gospel. Reaching the community, having the church engage online, and fostering growth can all be done by extending the messaging of the upcoming holiday. You may not be able to do all of the suggestions, you may have even more suggestions than what we’ve posed and that’s great! Whatever your church’s plan for Easter Sunday this year, include social media as part of your plan. Let us know if you need help with additional strategies or need help implementing your strategy. We are here to help and can’t wait to celebrate along with you.

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