We're always launching new projects. Here are a few of the recent ones we're really proud of.

Christian Lawyer Directory

Discovery, Branding, Web Development, and Support

The Christian Lawyer Directory has been the best place to look for a Lawyer of like faith for over 10yrs! When they first approached OneEighty we started the process by doing a thorough Discovery that evaluated their business model, competition, potential market, and developed a strategic marketing plan to help grow their business. We knew their site and branding was dated and needed a complete refresh. So we crafted a professional image that reflects both their industry and their faith. Next, we constructed a new modern mobile friendly directory website that features automated onboarding for new lawyers and an easy to use interface to help people find the help they need when they need it. We followed this up with the implementation of our stategic marketing plan of Facebook advertising, SEO, and paid search. Since the launch the directory has seen a 150% increase in new users,180% increase in page views, and an over 100% increase in average session time! And it's just the beginning of a new era for the Christian Lawyer Directory! Does your business need to move in a new direction? Contact Us!

Fruit Cove Baptist Church

Branding and Web Development

Fruit Cove  Baptist Church came to us looking for a complete branding and website overhaul. They had their old site for a really long time and new they needed an update. After engaging in our brand discovery process, we were able to create an updated image that spoke to their long history in in their community and multi-generational congregation. We crafted a simple, relatable, modern, and flexible brand that looked great across multiple mediums and applied to a stunning custom built WordPress church website. All these intentional choices lead to a great finished product all backed by OneEighty website support. Take  a look a the link below.

Oakleaf East POA

Web Development

Oakleaf East Property Owners Association is a organization that services the homes in the Oakleaf East subdevelopment in Orange Park, Florida. They had a need for a refreshed site with many custom forms to make doing their job easier. We updated their old site and created a system that put many of their routine tasks online making them more accessable to homeowners and easier for them to manage. It was also important that the site was accessable so that anyone could access and use it. We accomplished all this and more.

Register Roofing

Web Development

Register Roofing was going through a name change and wanted to rebrand and update their website. They had a long history being a leader in their industry and wanted a website that communicated their past, present, and future. They came to OneEighty and we jumped into action. We captured drone footage at some of their work sites, we climbed  on top of commercial roofs across downtown jacksonville to capture them at work and the magnitude of their footprint in the North East Florida area. When it was all said and done, they had a new professional image and website that communicated all that and more.

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