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Operation Barnabas


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  • Messaging
  • Non-Profit
  • Web Design

The Problem

Operation Barnabas came to One Eighty looking for a fresh online look to represent new leadership and direction. The organization was making an impact in the lives of veterans and wanted to take it to the next level.

The Solution

One Eighty Digital was able to work with Operation Barnabas team to convey the immensity of their mission through design and messaging. We put all the pieces together to give them something they could be proud of and would encourage donations and those who need help.

The Result

Their new design has been well received internally and externally. They kicked off a new fundraising initiative for a new project called Fort Barnabas. That has them expanding their mission and capabilities. 

The Audience

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Meet Mark

Mark is 30, he has just gotten out of the army, after 3 deployments. He is single, and not sure what to do next. He feels hopeless and is not sure where to turn. He knows his brotherhood has had his back and now he feels alone and isolated. He is looking to connect with others who are struggling to find a way forward with peace.

The Website

The Messaging

At Operation Barnabas, we are in the thick of war, a war against the devastation soldiers feel when they return home broken, confused, and lost. We know what it’s like to be there on the brink of hell, and we want to help you and your brothers in arms find peace again, find fellowship, and community. We think it’s wrong that so many lives are lost to deaths of despair, so many lives are torn apart when soldiers struggle to adjust back to civilian lifeand we know there is a path back. We want to help you come back home.

Here’s how you can get help or become the help someone needs

  1. Call us for immediate help or fill out a crisis application
  2. Donate
  3. Volunteer to be a mentor

So, support us today. You can help make veterans whole again.

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