7 Easy Digital Follow-up Methods for Churches with Templates

| Wesley Lewis | , ,
We all know that it’s important to make a connection with visitors to your church. Creating a good first impression is crucial, but so is the next step. We call that next step follow-up. In this a…

Why Box Website Companies Deliver Poor Websites

| Kelly McGee | ,
Why Box Website Companies Deliver Poor Websites There are so many options to choose from when building a website. There are new tools coming out everyday that seem to make it easier and easier….

Livestreaming for Churches

| Nicole Kalill | ,
Once upon a time in a world before COVID-19, only megachurches and dedicated televangelists could be found in living rooms across the country on any given Sunday. But that all changed as the world…

Content is King—15 Content Ideas for Churches

| Cristy Bird | ,
There’s a well-known phrase in the marketing world, “Content is King”. A Duck Duck Go or Google search for content is king will result in 3 TRILLION results. It’s a big idea that has been accepted…

Why Church Digital Engagement Matters

| Wesley Lewis | ,
All that we have been through in the last 18 months has shown us one thing. Online or Digital ministry is here to stay. This trend has been coming for some time. The online event space has explode…

5 Ways to Increase Attendance Through your Church Website

| Cristy Bird | , , , ,
Your website is your first impression and it can be a path to increase attendance to your church. It’s the place people go to discover who you are, where you are, what you offer, and if your websi…

20 Ideas to Promote Your Church Events

| Cristy Bird | , ,
Table of Contents Promoting EventsTraditional Methods of PromotionDigital and Social Media Promote your next church event with some fresh ideas. When you host church events they can beco…

PSA: Church Scam Calls – Don’t Fall For Them

| Cristy Bird | ,
If you are a church you will get phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, and regular mail from people trying to scam your church. It’s a sad state of society that…

3 Ways a Good Website Helps to Grow Your Church

By Wesley Lewis As church leaders, we’re always looking for ways that we can increase our impact and grow our churches. It’s win-win when we can use the tools we already have. When was the last…

6 Agile Principles to Strengthen Your Church Teams

| Cristy Bird | ,
What is Agile? In 2001 the world of software changed dramatically with the launch of a published document called The Agile Manifesto which lays out twelve agile principles (specific to software…

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