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How To Prepare for Virtual Sermons—An Infographic

April 1, 2020
April 1, 2020

Need some tips for your congregation while transitioning to a completely virtual online church? We put together some easy tips in the infographic below for attending virtual sermons and church groups. Gathering together online while we can not meet in person helps ease anxiety, feel a sense of normalcy, and allows us to support one another. Virtual sermons and small group meetups are new for many.

Likewise, Business Insider offers tips on how to generally stay focused and we echo a few of those here as ways to set yourself up for success to learn actively. It does take some preparation to drown out the noise and compulsion to multitask at home (we all struggle with this). There are a few things that can be done in advance to effectively prepare to get the most out of the virtual sermon.

In the infographic below, we identify ways to be present, prepare, cultivate the learning experience together, and pray to get into the mindset. Check out the 7 tips below we’d like to offer to help you and your groups or congregations prepare for virtual sermons.

oneeighty virtual gathering 1

Reach Out if You Need Help

Here at OneEighty, we want to be here to support you and your church. We’re here to help with your website questions, how to market sermon changes, technology support, and social media support. We know a lot of these changes are enacting new territory. So let us know how we make these transitions easier. Check out an email we sent out and a blog we have about these topics too. Going virtual doesn’t have to be scary or a costly change, we can help you prepare and plan for transition. Contact us for help here.

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