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Case Study-First Baptist Church, Jacksonville

March 28, 2022
March 28, 2022

Client: First Baptist Church, Jacksonville

The Situation: With a history as storied as First Baptist Jacksonville’s, this congregation has learned to grow with the changing times. After embracing a multi-site model and watching each campus start to grow, the team at First Jax realized their online presence wasn’t reflective of all that was happening at each location. It was challenging to capture the ministry and events at each campus in a way that conveyed that First Baptist Jacksonville is one church existing on many campuses. There needed to be a simple way for members to monitor events and activities at specific locations as well as a clear path forward for newcomers.

The Solution: When Taron Defevers joined the Communications team at First Jax, his predecessor had already enlisted the help of OneEighty Digital to take on the task of a website revamp. Taron said Wesley and the team at OneEighty redid the discovery phase of the process so Taron’s vision could be incorporated into the project before going forward. As new ideas were born and timelines were reset, the teams at First Jax and OneEighty Digital mapped out a new concept for a website that was more user friendly and better organized.

One popular feature of the new site puts all the preaching content together in one spot, making for easy access. Another new feature was the relaunching of a blog highlighting the ministry of their pastor.  Altogether, the new site makes seeing what events are happening on which campus and when very straightforward, creating a better user experience for church members and guests alike.

Stepping into the Future: First Jax’s new and improved website leaves no question as to their values and mission to be one church on many campuses. Taron said they have already seen how the clarity of the site has been an asset to the church staff and members. Now when people visit the website, they can easily tell where an event is taking place and the ministries that are tied to it. As they continue to reach the far corners of Jacksonville, the ability to be identified as one body of believers is more valuable than ever.

Taron said he appreciated the lengths the team at OneEighty Digital went to to understand his vision and goals and bring them to life through the website. What could have become a difficult situation to inherit became an accommodating and responsive partnership that has turned out a great digital solution.

A Word from Wesley: First Baptist Church needed a website that was easy to manage for their staff. They also needed a website that was flexible to their needs as a multi-location church. We were able to meet and exceed their expectations with a new custom WordPress website. Some unique challenges of this project were working with a large staff, laying out location specific content for their multiple campuses, and creating a tight integration with their church management software to display events and registrations. The finished project was a beautiful website that helps them reach more people and do more good. We were excited to work with such a well-known organization and excited to continue to work with them to meet their ongoing support, development, and SEO needs.

Are you a church with multiple campuses trying to maintain unity and clarity? Does your website accurately represent who you are and all you do to advance the gospel in your community? If you can’t definitely answer yes to either of those questions, reach out to us! We’d love to get to know you and discover how we can work with you to create the online presence you’ve been dreaming of.

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