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Why We Love WordPress

August 29, 2020
August 29, 2020

Did you know that WordPress powers over 34% of the web? This CMS, Content Management system, is dominating the web for good reason. Here at One Eighty Digital we use WordPress and we love it! We want to bring quality and professionalism to support our clients. One important element of bringing professional and quality websites to life is knowing and choosing the CMS that will grow with businesses and be around for the long haul. To explain why we use and support WordPress so much, below we’ll share our top reasons why we love WordPress!

  1. Ease of Use – I’ve been teaching people how to use WordPress for years now. I’ve taught all levels from web experts to complete novices and programmers to church secretaries. I’ve never had any issues. You may have heard the saying “so easy a monkey can do it”, with WordPress making changes to your website is as easy as editing text in a word document. Adding blog posts or pages, changing the look and feel, and adjusting settings is very straightforward. An added bonus is that there are millions of WordPress tutorials (we provide some ourselves) that can help make you a WordPress pro. 
  2. Flexibility – WordPress is open source. What does this mean for you? Flexibility. It means that WordPress is a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. There’s nothing hidden, password protected, or restricted that you can’t access. With the right know-how people have used WordPress to build more than just websites. They’ve built social networks, forums, and web apps. The possibilities are endless because the only limit is your own skills and abilities. Have a great website idea? You can build it with WordPress.
  3. Expandability – There are over 57,000 free plugins to expand the functionality of WordPress. This insane amount of resources can help you create the website of your dreams. Need to build an eCommerce website or a fashion blog? WordPress has you covered. There are plugins that can help your website run faster, be more secure, add functionality, and more. The even more amazing thing is that access to all these free plugins is baked right into WordPress. You are only a search and 2 clicks away from whatever you need.
  4. Reliability – WordPress is security-focused. There are WordPress websites that are still running strong from 10 years ago. It’s regular updates allow it to adapt to constantly evolving web threats and there is a whole suite of free security plugins (Wordfence, Succuri, and iThemes Security to name a few). Nothing can replace good personal security practices, but a WordPress site that is built today can continue to run well into the future. There are also many ways to backup your site in case of an emergency. We love using Updraft Plus to backup our sites and ensure that if disaster strikes we have a way to recover fast.
  5. Free – The final and most amazing thing about WordPress is that it costs you nothing! It’s 100% free! We know, it’s the icing on the cake right? There are already enough things to pay for when building a website (ex. domains, hosting, support), so it’s a huge saving when your CMS costs $0. Other CMS can cost you Big Bucks and can’t match the power, flexibility, and ease-of-use that WordPress has. With WordPress it’s a win-win!

So you see, WordPress is well loved, respected, and appreciated in the world of website creation not just by us but by many.

If you’re just getting into the web or you’re a web veteran, it’s the combination of all these things that make WordPress the best choice for your website now and in the future. Ready to get started with WordPress? Give us shout!

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