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11 Easy Wins on Social Media

September 30, 2020
September 30, 2020

Social Media can be time consuming and exhausting on the never-ending hamster wheel. It can feel useless at times; and at other times be the most important avenue. There’s always something new to learn and keep up with, and new platforms come up all the time. Let’s face it, social media isn’t always easy. Never fear, we have a few ideas that can help get you some quick and easy wins on social media.

Here are your 11 Easy Wins on Social Media:

  1. Ask Your Audience. Don’t be afraid to ask for likes, follows, shares, tweets, comments, or any other form of engagement you can think of for your social media platform pages. Let your audience know every so often that you need help getting the word out. As long as you are providing value and/or solving problems they may have through content or sales, your ask will be a no-brainer. Bottom line, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want or need from your audience. Remember, your audience likes you, let them help you build your social following.
  1. Be a person. Social media pages need a personality and a voice. For big or small companies, this can seem difficult, but it’s really simple if you let it be. Find out what that voice can be and make sure to give it a personality that matches your company and is personable. Include updates from the owner, founder, or team members. Updates could include things like what team members or leaders are doing for the holidays, a day in the life, or how they are helping the community. Personalize anything you can, because in every company it’s the people who matter, not just the audience but the employees too. Once a month give an update, post a poll that’s fun, take a break from business talk and shake up the content with a company lunch photo. Whatever you’re doing to be human, your audience would enjoy getting to know about it.

  2. Easy Access. Make sure you share your social media accounts in every form of communication you have with your audience. People can’t engage with you, get to know you, and advocate for you on social media if they can’t easily connect. 

    Make sure your accounts are in the footer of every page on your website. Include your social media accounts in emails, on business cards, and cross-promote accounts as well, it can only help spread the word. Bonus tip: share your social accounts in your email signature and on your company’s voicemail or automated messages.
  1. Go Basic and Simple. Do you feel like you run out of content quickly or don’t  have good content? An easy way to create content is to go basic and simple. Grab reviews and add them to graphics, create quick and informal videos of introductions by founders and C-level executives (the faces of the business—can include the first face a client would see such as a receptionist or client advocate), and you can also reuse older good content by giving it graphic facelifts. Good content rarely goes bad if not about a specific event, so reuse and recycle. Don’t stop posting because you think you have nothing to say, because you do. If you need help with a strategy give us a call; we can chat with you about ideas. 
  1. Be Transparent. Fill out all your company’s information, add photos, and as much description as you can in the about sections on your social media platforms. In the world of social media, be as transparent as possible, people want the info, so give it to them! They also struggle to take in all the info thrown at them so make sure it’s as correct, available, and visible as possible.
  1. Google My Business. Some quick and easy things you can do are to make sure you create and fill out your Google My Business page. Not only will this help with SEO, but it can help to brand you where people are searching. This takes about 5 minutes to set up (verification takes longer but setup is easy). It’s worth the time, just be sure to keep posting every so often, ask for reviews, and add photos, logos, and videos if you can. It’s a win-win. 
  1. Cross Promote. Use Facebook to cross post content from Facebook to Instagram through publishing tools options, it eliminates the need to post these individually, it’s a great tool. (Note: It doesn’t work for videos or text-only posts right now. Most posts shouldn’t be text-only anyway, this is not a recommended best practice.) 
  1. Use Video. YouTube can be underused in social media. All videos you create should go on YouTube. It’s an additional content stream and people have proved time-and-time again that they prefer watching a video to reading, so keep YouTube in mind in all social strategies and be sure videos are always added to YouTube (plus create playlists for videos with similar purposes). AND reuse and recycle video content like a pro by sharing videos as social media content. 
  1. Know your audience. There are a lot of platforms now, as mentioned earlier. Knowing your audience will help you know which platform makes the most sense for your company, and it won’t likely be all of them. Don’t overextend yourself on platforms where your key audience is not looking. This does require some research but some quick google searches will help you identify the ages and demographics of various platforms, this is a great starting point. Hint: If you’re looking for young kids to buy into your products, Facebook may be dying down and Tik Tok and Snapchat might be the way to go. If you’re looking to get more families Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter could be where you need to be. Be sure to know where you should be before investing too much time and effort. 
  1. Just keep posting. Social media has ADD…it forgets what you did yesterday, so keep up the good fight and utilize tools like those mentioned next to help you keep posts coming out and keeping tracking of them. Keep in mind, the frequency standards for each platform varies. Be aware of what platforms you’re on and how frequently posting would benefit you. Twitter is more frequent while LinkedIn and Facebook may be less so. 
  2. Work smarter not harder. Use platforms like Hootsuite, Later, Sprout, Buffer, etc. to help pre-plan and schedule your social posts across multiple accounts. It can help you save time and help simplify the process of creating and scheduling posts. Having the right tools can improve efficiency so you have more time to spend on creating and pushing out great content and continue to develop connections with your audiences.

Social media can be as easy or as hard as you make it, try to take on some of these quick and easy wins and see how far you can go with it, as you build up your following be sure to let us know what else you learned along the way! We love helping people with social and we look forward to helping you in any way we can in the future.

Go get those easy wins started now!

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