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At OneEighty our job isn't just about creating movement, it's about us helping you and your company move in the right direction that will help you grow.

Moving Businesses Forward For Over 10yrs

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The Beginning

When we started doing branding and web development over 10 yrs ago, OneEighty was just a side hustle to help provide for a growing family. We worked from home on evenings and weekends, but it all began from simple desire to help friends, neighbors, and worthy causes promote and market themselves better. We wanted to see their businesses and non-profits grow to be all that we knew they could be.

As time has passed, our opportunities and business has grown. We've become known for our humble helpful attitudes and giving personal attention that you don't get at other agencies. People love working with us. Because of this, our company continues to grow, almost exclusively through word of mouth advertising. Why? Because we haven't strayed from our core; we still genuinely love helping people succeed. We've continued adding services to better help our clients reach their goals. Today, we're a full service creative agency that loves helping small businesses and non-profits move FORWARD. We'd love to work with you to help you reach your goals.

Wesley Lewis
Creative Director & Owner

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