A new website in a little as 7 days

What's A Church QuickSite?

QuickSite is ideal for churches that are working with smaller budgets who may not need a fully custom built website, but still want to look their best!

You'll Get...

  • A Beautiful Customized Website with your logo, colors, pictures, and content.
  • Powerful features like a sermon manager, customizable forms, and more.
  • Up to 6 pages for your ministries and programs.
  • Advanced site hosting with support and free hack recovery.
  • The same premium plugins we use in our full custom church websites.
Starting At



$39/per month

Powerful features

On Every Site

  • How-To Videos
  • Powerful Forms
  • Pro Sermon Manager
  • Powerful Page Builder

  • Events Calendar

  • Stock Photo Library

  • Site Analytics
  • Real WordPress


With OneEighty Support

  • Rock Solid Hosting
  • Free Domain Included

  • Weekly/Realtime Backups

  • Serious Security

  • Expert OneEighty Support

  • Weekly/Monthly Site Updates

  • Free Hack Recovery

  • Regular Maintenance Updates


Why the monthly cost?

The monthly cost covers hosting, maintenance, site backups, and support costs (if opted). This top to bottom system is what allows us to deploy your new website so quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. 

Is there a commitment?

After your site is launched, you'll be billed regularly on the first of each month. There are no annual or "feet to the fire" commitments here. All we ask for 60days notice before cancellation.

How Do I Contact Support?

Your new site will come standard with a "contact support" button on your site backend. You can use this button or the OneEighty support portal to contact us when you need us.

What Are Considered "Minor" Updates?

Site content updates, form creation, or small development tasks are included in your support hours each month. Larger updates, or ones that would take more time than your monthly allotment, can be billed seperately at a discounted hourly rate.

What If I Need To Cancel?

If you do need to cancel, and we'd hate to see you go, we do require at least 60days notice. After cancellation, your site will be sent to you in a zip file for you to use as you please. Your domain, if we registered it for you, will be unlocked and ready for transfer.

Does My Site Really Belong To Me?

Yes. The site we create for you belongs to you! We register the domain in your name and will happily send you the site in a zip files and transfer the domain to you if you need to cancel for any reason. It's yours, we promise!

Why did you create Church QuickSite?

See, our heart has always been in serving the small church community. We've intentionally crafted the most valuable solution we can at the lowest price possible. No your not imagining things....it's just one way we help people and churches Move Forward.

What's the difference between Church Quicksite and Launchpad

Church QuickSite is a budget friendly option that was created specifically for small churches with small budgets who need simple websites. We use pre-made designs to lessen the development cost to $399 and time to as little as 7 days. Launchpad has the benefit of the full OneEighty Team and our discovery, design, and development process.  Launchpad is also an all-inclusive package that includes a custom website and branding.

More Questions?

Step 1 - Pick A Design

Browse Our Designs, All Hand Crafted By OneEighty

    Step 2- Pick A Support Plan

    Fly Solo
    For the Do-It-Yourselfer
    You Maintain and Run Your Own Site
    Advanced Site Hosting Included
    Free Hack Recovery
    Site Support Billed Hourly
    Go Solo
    Full Crew
    We've Got You Covered!
    We'll Manage, Maintain, And Run Your Site
    (Monthly Site Updates)
    Premium Site Hosting Included
    Free Hack-Recovery
    2hrs Of Advanced Site Support Each Month
    Hire The Crew

    Step 3- Pay Deposit


    • We'll invoice you for support after the site is setup.
    • Price: $399.00
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