Project Kick-Off

Web Development Kickoff Check-list

Working on the items below will really help get your project started right

  • Step 1: Schedule your project kick-off meeting here:
  • Step 2: You should be recieving an initial invoice from us very soon, please pay all appropriate deposits.
  • Step 3: Please supply the Usernames and Passwords, for any relevant accounts. (i.e. websites, hosting, etc) (Please add to the shared Google Spreadsheet linked in your kick-off email)
  • Step 4: Please share any Graphics, logos, photos, or any other graphic related content related to the project with us. (Please upload to the Google Drive folder linked in your kick-off email)
  • Step 5: Have some thoughts about the site layout, or a few examples of other websites you like.
  • Step 6: Think through what pages you want on your website and the menu layout

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