Our Process

Our homegrown “Why” before “What” process helps us build your perfect project. Learn  more below.

Start Here


Make sure you check out our work, learn about our team, and see why OneEighty is the best fit for your next project.

  1. Then, schedule a call with us so we can talk about your project.
  2. Next, use our price quote request form to get the ball rolling.
  3. We’ll email you within 48 hours and give you a price estimate.
  4. Finally, Once you give us the thumbs up, we’ll send you a project proposal for electronic signature. 
Step 2


Once you sign your proposal, we’ll send you an invoice for your initial deposit. After that is paid, your project begins.

In this phase…

  1. You will receive our Creative Brief. It’s a design brainstorming document that helps us get a good direction on the design of the project.
  2. After you fill this out, we’ll meet with you for your Project Kickoff meeting. Then we begin to assemble our team and get to work.
  3. We’ll also send you links for you to begin working on your site’s content.
  4. Meanwhile, we’ll be doing SEO research, learning about your competitors, and thinking through your site’s menu structure.
Step 3


In this phase of the process, we bring together colors, fonts, design ideas, images to layout out our initial “mockup”.

In this phase…

  1. We’ll create a mockup of the homepage design. Note: This is not a finalized design, but rather a layout of what your site could look like.
  2. We often use stock photography and place holder text as “filler” until we have the final site photography and copy. Depending on the size of your project
  3. We may create up to a total of 3 different mockups for specific pages that will showcase the overall design.
  4. After an internal review by our team, we’ll present these mockups to you for your feedback.
Step 4


After final design approval from you, our developers get to work doing the heavy lifting. We take the designs and begin the website creation process on our development servers.

In this phase…

  1. We’ll begin by creating your site’s homepage. It’s the most important page on your website and sets the “tone” for the rest of the site.
  2. Then, we’ll craft the remaining required pages until the site is complete.
  3. This site build is then followed up by testing and internal review.
  4. Finally we send you a live preview link for your feedback and approval.
Let’s Fly


The result of all the hard-work of our design and development teams has brought us to this moment where your site gets to live in the real world.

In this phase…

  1. We’ll coordinate “launch day” with you to make sure all your followers and the world can see your new beautiful website. 
  2. Then, we start on our extensive pre-launch checklist. Counting down until launch day.
  3. LAUNCH! Your new website goes live on the day of your choosing.
  4. Lastly, we’ll work through our post-launch checklist and setup user training for you and your team.


How Much Will My Project Cost?

Every website is different, just like every person is different. Each project has it’s own nuances and challenges. This makes it nearly impossible to standardize pricing on a custom built website. There are many factors that go into pricing. But after you submit a quote request, we will present you will a ballpark estimate of your projects total cost. The final price, or pricing options will be presented in the project proposal.

How Do You Accept Payment?

You can pay our invoices online with any major credit card. We also accept checks if you need to pay us that way.

What Is The Payment Schedule?

Most projects start with a 50% deposit. Then after 45 days you will be billed an additional 25%, and then the final payment will be due at 90 days or before website launch. 

Small projects (those under $3000) may be setup as a 50/50 (50% at start and 50% at completion). 

How Long Will My Project Take?

Most projects are completed in under 90 days or less. If you have a specific need to shorten the development period, this can be achieved but will effect the project budget.

How Will I Know How To Use My Site?

We include up to 2hrs of user training for ever website project we do. This can be used to train a team or an individual. We also include “how-to” videos that walk you through how to update your site.

Do I Need To Purchase A Domain?

If you do not have a domain, we can facilitate the purchase and setup of a domain for you. If you’ve already purchased a domain, we will just need access to prior to launch to ensure it is setup properly.

What Is A Custom Website?

A custom website is created and designed specifically for you. That means it will be a one-of-a-kind website that is unlike any other. We design around your business and create a custom solution. We do not use templates or “cookie cutter” designs. This ensures you get a stunning and beautifully designed and executed website that meets your organizations specific needs.

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