Fall Savings & Contest

Save big on your upcoming projects and enter to win prizes!

Save 15% Off Projects and Hourly Rates

A Fall Savings Discount is here for you to save up to $2,000 on your next project (*discount total is dependent on project scope) or 15% off our hourly rate for services such as graphic design, social media, automation, and more. 

With One Eighty Digital we offer a wide variety of services to help your online presence shine. Whether you need a new site, SEO/SEM help, a social media boost or aren’t sure where to start, we can help you reach your goals and find your desired audience. 

Be sure to take advantage of this Fall Savings Discount between now and November 30. All projects must be contracted or agreed upon by November 30 to save 15%. Projects should be be scheduled to begin by January 2021.

NOTE: Newsletter subscribers will have an opportunity soon to get extra bonus points on an upcoming contest related to the fall savings discount. Be sure to subscribe so you can get the bonus email code going out soon. 

Help Us Spread the Word And Enter to Win 3 Great Prizes!

The One Eighty Digital Giveaway contest is a chance for you to participate in objectives listed to the right to earn points. Each item offers varying points to collect.  Complete as many as you would like (some of them as often as once a day) will earn you total points toward 1 of the 3 prizes below.

*For those who are newsletter subscribers you will have received an email with an exclusive email code, points will be given for those who use that exclusive code in the contest field, for those not subscribed, be sure to subscribe and receive points toward your total giveaway entry. 

Prize Items and Values (box items include local business goodies, items may vary):

First Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card + OneEighty Box ($60 worth of local goodies) = $160 in total value
Second Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card + One Eighty Box ($60 worth of local goodies) = $110 in total value 
Third Place: $20 Amazon Gift Card + One Eighty Box ($60 worth of local goodies) = $80 in total value

Enter to win by sharing, contributing, joining, subscribing, tweeting, and other options to gain points. The most points earned wins 1 of 3 prizes listed above. 

One Eighty Digital Giveaway rules:

  • The giveaway starts Monday, November 9, 2020 and ends Friday, November 30, 2020.
  • Giveaway winners will be determined between November 23rd and 25th, 2020. Winners will be chosen by points earned during the contest time period, if ties occur those with equal points will be chosen with an automated randomized system.

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