Hi! I’m Cristy!

I’m the project manager at One Eighty Digital. I love working with our clients to help make sure we meet their expectations and reach their goals. I also regularly contribute to our blog. I enjoy helping faith-based organizations learn more about how to market themselves well.

I Help With…

  • Project Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Creation

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My Story

After college, a couple of years in the workforce and a couple of children, Cristy wanted to find a way to stay home with her kids but also keep her marketing and web design skills sharp. She told her pastor that she wanted to work in vocational ministry in a way that helps the church and he connected her with Wesley Lewis of One Eighty Digital. Cristy and Wesley had worked together before on a project for her church, Grace Life, so Cristy was thrilled with the prospect of a more permanent work partnership with Wesley at One Eighty Digital.

Cristy sees her work with OneEighty Digital as a way to help move the gospel forward through the church. “Moving the gospel forward doesn’t necessarily mean standing on a mountain or in a pulpit – sometimes it looks different,” she said. Ultimately for Cristy, it’s all about being part of the body of Christ.

Get To Know Me…

What is your favorite thing about working at One Eighty?

Helping clients in their pursuits that glorify the Lord.

What have been some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on at One Eighty?

I’ve really enjoyed working with all our clients to help guide them, offer them suggestions to enhance their visions and produce websites they didn’t even know they wanted. 

What’s your favorite Quote or Bible verse?

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

2 Timothy 3:16-17

My Perfect Day Is…

My perfect day would entail going to the beach, a Florida spring, or a waterpark with my husband and my kids. Anything to be in and around water and play with my kids, husband, and my twin sister, Misty Valentine.

What’s an achievement you’re proud of?

Becoming a Guardian Ad Litem and helping children in the foster care system.

What skill do you think everyone should learn?

How to logically think through all sides to all kinds of arguments, to be able to “steel-man” any idea or argument put before us, we should all learn and practice this for an educated society to move forward respectfully.

What show are you currently binge-watching?

I just finished the Walking Dead series, I find the exploration of human nature both fascinating and terrifying. 

What team do you love to root for?

As a University of Florida Alumni, I am a Gator and bleed orange and blue, as they say.

What is a fun fact most people may not know about you?

I have a twin sister, Misty. We were almost named Candy and Mandy because our mom liked rhyming names. We both feel blessed to have gotten the names we ended up with, Misty and Cristy. I am the older and wiser of the two. Don’t tell her I said that. 

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