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Rick Wheeler

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Get a glimpse inside OneEighty Digital’s work with non-profits and find out what Rick Wheeler, Executive Director/Treasurer of Florida Baptist Financial Services, had to say about his organization’s experience.

When Rick Wheeler recently was voted in as head of Florida Baptist Financial Services, he knew he wanted to take the organization’s messaging to the next level. After previously working with OneEighty Digital as part of a different organization, he knew the expertise and experience the team at OneEighty Digital has was going to fit the bill for his needs.

We were looking for a partner who could take our message and put it out to our clients but would also understand our world enough to know what our values were and what we wanted to emphasize in our core message,” Rick said.

One of the aspects of working with OneEighty Digital Rick most appreciated was the ability to customize a solution that really fit the needs of his organization. Every organization has different strengths and weaknesses and the suite of options available to you from OneEighty Digital allows you to choose exactly what is right for your organization to shine. With OneEighty Digital, one size DOES NOT fit all.

Add to that OneEighty Digital’s experience with non-profits, churches and other ministries, and you’ve got a winning combination.

The excellent customer service isn’t too shabby either.

We weren’t just one more customer or dealt with in a generic way,” Rick said. “There is always customization – always personalization.”

Want to get a first-hand taste of what Rick’s talking about? If this sounds like something you want to explore for your organization, the team at OneEighty Digital would love to get to know you better!

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