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Blane McCarthy

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OneEighty Digital doesn’t just work with churches! Find out what personal injury attorney Blane McCarthy thought of his experience with OneEighty Digital:

Blane, a lawyer and mediator in Jacksonville, said he was drawn to OneEighty Digital because of the broad spectrum of clients the team at OneEighty Digital works with. He liked the fact that OneEighty Digital not only works with ministries, but also has experience in the marketplace and in the non-profit world.

“I like that they are skilled and known in those various arenas but I think also being known in those arenas gives them a more holistic view of each project,” he said. “I’m glad to be in their portfolio.”

When asked to describe OneEighty Digital’s process he used words like: “thorough” and “comprehensive”.

“The process was more thorough than I anticipated,” he said. “They asked questions I frankly wasn’t expecting…turns out it was really great.”

Blane was impressed with the fact that OneEighty Digital took the time to really get to know him and his project. The effort put into the foundation of the relationship translated into a phenomenally successful project that truly represented who Blane was and led to greater authenticity in his online presence.

“There was a comprehensive effort to get to know me, get to know my views on the project, get to know my ambitions and implement those things quite well,” he said.

Ready to find out what OneEighty Digital can do for you and your organization? We’d love to get to  know you and discover ways to take your digital presence to the next level.

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