Church Online Engagement Webinar

Learn how to help your church be found and seen online.

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Join us Monday, September 27th for an immersive and engaging hour-long seminar on one of the biggest issues facing churches today, being found and seen online.

Wesley Lewis, founder of OneEighty Digital, is a pastor, entrepreneur, and digital ministry consultant who has worked with numerous churches and businesses to help them optimize and perfect their digital engagement efforts.

The seminar will cover the following topics:
1. The Church Digital Engagement Hub
2. Your Website
3. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
4. Social Media

Wesley will not only unpack some of these key topics for you but he’ll frame it specifically for church leaders, because that’s what he knows best!

You’ll come away from the seminar with practical tips on how to help your church effectively be found and engage with people online. We’ll even include a free website audit for your church to help you get started.

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