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Why We Created Church Quicksite

June 7, 2021
June 7, 2021

At One Eighty we build beautiful custom designed websites for churches. This is our core business and we love creating websites that effectively communicate a church’s message. We’ve had the privilege of working with many great churches across the country. Some large and some small. We know that every church has unique challenges and opportunities and that there is no one-size fits all church website. We occasionally encounter churches that face budgetary constraints that limit their involvement with us. In those cases, we have to refer these churches out to other “self-build” platforms such as Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace. But we knew these other platforms were not the best home for these churches. They would have to build the site themselves or customize a template that wasn’t created for churches. We knew that these platforms didn’t have the amazing tools like we had; like sermon archives, powerful forms, or built in analytics. We also knew these platforms wouldn’t be able to grow with them like WordPress could. And that  they would be locked into those platforms and could never move their site. Finally, we realized  that enough was enough. We had to solve these problems so that churches, no matter their budget, could have the site they deserved and the support they needed to continue to grow their online presence. Enter Church Quicksite.

The Solution

We went to work creating a solution where any church could afford to have the best site we could offer, with all the same tools and premium plugins we offer on our fully custom sites at a fraction of the cost. We wanted to create something with a quick turnaround time so that these churches could get something up and running ASAP. Our design and development team spent weeks designing and creating 6 flexible custom designs that would fit any church. In order to lessen the development time, and enable us to offer these at an affordable price, we knew that we had to get a head start on the site building process. But we wanted these sites to be fully customizable with a church’s logo, images, content, and colors so that it would reflect who they really were. I am proud to say that we were able to accomplish all these goals and more with Church Quicksite. 

Church Quicksite Details

Church Quicksite is an easily deployable, fully customizable, powerful WordPress website that allows you to have the church website you’ve always wanted. Through the amazing effort of the One Eighty Digital team, we were able to bring all these things together at the extremely affordable price of $399 and $39/monthly. You can even add the One Eighty Support Team to your site by adding our “hands-on” support option for only $99/month. Did we mention this includes a free domain name,  email, and blazing fast hosting? Well, it does, all at no additional cost. 

The Heart

The heart of the matter is that our team created this solution because we want to help your church grow by equipping you with the most effective tool for reaching people online, your website. No other church focused agency offers a more robust or more reasonably priced solution for churches. So whether you are a church plant, a church in revitalization, or just simply budget conscious, Quicksite was built for you. 

Orvin Feliciano, pastor of Jones Road Baptist Church in Jacksonville, recently used Quicksite to revamp his church’s website and he was thrilled with the seamlessness of the process. Here’s what he had to say:

“OneEighty walked alongside us in the process, providing insights and suggestions that greatly improved the telling of our story as a church on the westside of Jacksonville. I believe that every church thinking of revamping or starting a new website should consider using OneEighty.” 

Think you’re ready to get started with Church Quicksite? Contact OneEighty today and schedule a free 20 minute consultation. We’ll talk you through Church Quicksite and see if it’s the right option for your church and answer any questions you may have. At OneEighty, we’re church folks like you trying our best to help as many churches as we can reach the world with the greatest message ever told. Let’s get started.

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