2021 Social Media Calendar Template

We know social media can be a beast, use our free social media calendar template to get you started.

Kickstart 2021 with an organized Social Media Strategy

We created a helpful and intuitive social media calendar for you. The excel template, which you can copy to make your own, will help you to create an easy-to-follow monthly social media strategy.

To help you know where to start and how to use it we created this short video to give you tips on using the calendar, ways we use it, and steps on creating content strategies as well as tools to use to help you schedule posts in advanced.

Here’s the link to the excel document you can copy and make your own:

NOTE: This monthly social media calendar is a 2021 template we created to help us and others manage all their social media posts. This template can be customized for your business and we can help you strategize your plan for the year. Call us for help on strategizing your social media plan.

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